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File Sharing Not Working on one PC in a 7 PC Peer to Peer Windows XP Pro Network

JamiBenson1979 used Ask the Experts™
Hello All! I have a situation I'm a little stumped on. I have seven computers in a peer to peer network. They are all running the most up to date version of Windows XP that they can. Six of these PC's share files between themselves fine. You can add manual maps, browse to that PC fine. Well the seventh PC is the issue. It has a folder on it's desktop everyone needs to access. For some reason I can't see this computer when I browse to it. It lists the computer name, but when I try to expand it, no go.

Here are the steps I have taken so far. First I went to another PC on the network and tried to ping the PC i want to share. I can ping it fine. Then I went to the folder and checked on some things. I made sure that the network sharing box was checked and it is. I also want users to change stuff so that box is checked as well. I then went and turned on NET BIOS over TCP/IP. Restarted the PC and I still can't see the share.

That's about all I know to check on how to make it share. Is there some setting I might be missing? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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The #1 thing I would check is the Firewall. If your setup is working fine on all but the one computer I suspect you have either the Windows firewall turned on or another piece of software like Zone Alarm preventing access.


I did check that as well. I had the firewall on and had file sharing as an exception. I did turn it off as well and it still can't see any shares.  

Thanks for the help so far.

Try resetting your TCP\IP Stack. Drop down inside a command prompt window and type this:

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt


Ok I did that and I still can't see the shares on it. Do you need the resetlog?


It works now. Yahoo! After resetting the static IP address and restarting several times, we can see those shares now. I should be good to go. I am betting that refreshing the TCP/IP stack did it. Again thanks so much!