Accessing SQL Server Through IP Address

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I am currently using the folowing connection string to connect to our SQLServer database:

m_sConnectString = "Data Source=MyServer2;Initial Catalog=MyCatalog;User Id=" & UserID & ";Password=" & Password & ";"

When I started creating my app, I did not realize that engineers in our offices out of state would need to use my app.  As such, MyServer2 doesn't mean anything to them.  So my question is, can I use the IP in the place of MyServer2 (whatever that may be)?  So my connection string would like like this (random numbers for the IP is used):

m_sConnectString = "Data Source=123.456.789.123;Initial Catalog=MyCatalog;User Id=" & UserID & ";Password=" & Password & ";"

Or is something more needed?

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You can use IP as long as its accessible to them and the ports used by SQL Server are not being blocked by firewalls.


They shouldn't be, as there is another application they use that accesses the same database.


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