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How can I get a list of AD groups that match a partial name?

Elliott Ward
Elliott Ward used Ask the Experts™
I need to search AD for any groups that match a partial name, then search each group for the users inside it.

I have the code to list the users in a group, listed below.  But how do I get the listing of the groups to search?

Public Function UsersInActiveDirectoryGroup(ByVal GroupName As String) As Specialized.StringCollection
   Dim members As New Specialized.StringCollection

       Dim domainContext As New ActiveDirectory.DirectoryContext(ActiveDirectory.DirectoryContextType.Domain)
       Using dc As ActiveDirectory.DomainController = ActiveDirectory.DomainController.FindOne(domainContext)
           Using pctx As New PrincipalContext(ContextType.Domain, dc.Domain.Name)
                Using grp As GroupPrincipal = GroupPrincipal.FindByIdentity(pctx, IdentityType.Name, GroupName)
                    If Not IsNothing(grp) Then
                        For Each p As Principal In grp.GetMembers(True)
                     End If
                 End Using
             End Using
         End Using
         Return members
     Catch ex As Exception
         Return Nothing
     End Try
 End Function
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Here is a comprehensive tutorial. See if it helps

ThinkPaperIT Consultant

I'm not too familiar with this kind of code in general, but the main thing you would add is:


where "BLAH" is the name you want it to match.
Dont know how big of a userbase you got . but i normally use the manage engine ad manager plus to get all kinds of reports . They also have a free version for 100 users or so ..
ADManager Plus- Active Directory Management & Reporting
Ad Manager Plus
Software Developer
Here is the solution I am using:

Dim UsersPrincipal As UserPrincipal = New UserPrincipal(pctx)        
Dim insGroupPrincipal As New GroupPrincipal(pctx)

insGroupPrincipal.Name = "Hyperion*"
ADSearchGroups = SearchGroups(insGroupPrincipal)

For Each sGroup As String In ADSearchGroups
    For Each sUser As String In sUsers
Elliott WardSoftware Developer


Thanks for your help.