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Stop chkdsk on Server 2003

tucktech used Ask the Experts™
Hello Experts, I have a server using Windows 2003 R2.  Is it ok to restart a system when it is running chkdsk.  Not sure why the computer started chkdsk on a secondary drive.  But I am not sure if it is ok to hard stop the server while it is running.  

Is there a chance of data loss?
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Director, Information Systems
Back in the bad old days chkdsk and defrag were written so that there was a chance for data loss.  I've not heard of any problems with either in a long, long time.  I'd say you're probably okay.  I know I wouldn't hesitate to reboot if I felt I needed to.


Let me add more info.  The chkdsk is running on a drive I use to backup the main drives.  If it does have a problem it should only be with the backup drive.

My concern is why did the system reboot.  The chkdsk screen says it was scheduled.  I can't recall if I scheduled it and then didn't reboot it after the schedule and now that there may be a different problem that the system rebooted.  I am guessing it is not a power issue because it is on a UPS, I'll check that after I get it up and running.

Any more thoughts?

If that's the case I wouldn't hesitate to force a reboot and check the event logs, you don't seem to run a risk of damaging the OS...


I found that some electricians had turned off the power for an hour and the server had to shutdown.  I am guessing I did have a chkdsk set and that is why it started.
Everything appears ok.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

The system itself can schedule a chkdsk, if it detects a problem on a drive.

The reboot could have been caused by anything from a power issue to a hardware problem or simply the installation of an update that required the reboot to finish.

If the drive isn't critical, and you believe the chkdsk is proceeding appropriately, why not just let it finish?