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Exchange 2010 - Still need Websense filter?

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We're planning an upgrade to exchange 2010 early next year.  We currently use exchange 2003 with a Websense email filter in front sorting out the spam and malware.  I know exchange 2010 has signifigantly improved spam and malware protection from older versions but I don't know if its enough to do away with Websense.  I'm looking for opinions on whether or not exchange 2010 can handle this on its own or if I should stick with Websense or something similar to do our email filtering.
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Considering the vast majority (95% or something ridiculous) of email these days is spam then I think the answer depends on how tolerant you are to it.

Exchange 2010 will do an adequate job, and a much better one than the previous Exchange versions. The problem comes with new spam types using new tricks and/or phrases etc. Assuming Websense was on a subscription and updated it's filters then I would expect it to be much more effective and accurate meaning more spam blocked/quarantined and less false positives.

When doing a cost/benefit analysis I've always come down in favour of a regularly updated paid-for filter. But then again, I've seen some users receive hundreds if not thousands of unsolicited messages a day and that just isn't conducive to making £££.
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My recommendation would be, if Websense is able to filter spam properly, leave it as it is. With Exchange 2010, install the Forefront also. This might give extra filtering.