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Office 2010 question

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We used to haver two windows 7 machines with Outlook 2007 installed and an 2008 SBS machine.
Now we have three Win7 machine’s, two with Outlook 2007 and one with 2010.
All the Windows 7 clients use the same SBS mailbox as default in Outlook.

This only started since we put in the third Windows 7 PC with Outlook 2010.  

The users like to have the view settings in Outlook a certain way and who could blame them, they add and remove columns, fields, remove the  to-do bar from the right hand side that sort of thing.  

Problem is that once they restart or log off and on again all the view settings get put back to default so all the changes they made to Outlook are no longer there?

Do you think it has anything to do with them all sharing a SBS exchange mailbox? Like I said it was fine when there was only two client computers.
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Roaming or local profiles?
try creating new outlook profiles first on each pc locally:



Profiles are local only and not redirected to the server.
Have today tried to create a new SBS account with a new outlook profile but only on the new Outlook 2010 machine that did not help.  Will recreate Outlook profiles on the other 2007 clients if you think it will help.
We got round this i think by setting up a custom view and saving it on one of the machine.  once we logged off and on again the custom view that we create was available from all clients.

Thanks for your help with this.


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