Dell finger print reader on new E6420

sidwelle used Ask the Experts™
just got some new Dell E6420 laptops and we are trying to figure out how to use the finger/biometric reader on the laptop (Yes it has one !)

From other links I found that you must enable TPM in the bios, but after a reboot how do you configure it ?  I don't see any options, no software, TPM does not bring up anything in the help !

FYI, Dells support website does not seem to be responding right now. I tried going there first.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I've worked on about six of the E6420's. The only issue I had was drivers and rolling back to XP. No matter which OS you are using you need to make sure that the driver "Dell Data Protection Access" is installed.
There are some community discussion points on issues and resolutions listed here as well.


That’s what I needed to see.  I was able to get myself authenticated and the rest should be easy.

Would have been really cool if Dell would have included that in there documentation !
Yeah, I always love it when companies forget to tell you those little details. :-)


David,  When you setup these machines, did any of them belong to domains ?

The first two machines that I setup worked fine.  The 3rd was on a domain, it let us scan some and add them to an  account. But,  After the system came back up that account did not have an option to use the 'Biometric' reader, and the profile was reset back to default as well.  No color profile and only the default icons from the "All Users" account.

Yes the systems were on a domain.
I'm not sure what prompted the issues with the 3rd system that you mention. I can't imagine a Group Policy that would cause the issues. But I guess it's a possibility.
You might want to update the system (driver wise) as a workstation before adding it to the domain.


yeah, we let it run its updates, but that did not help.

As a simple fix we just removed it from the Domain.
After removing it from the domain, all the settings of the origional profile came back.
Profile was not hosed, just could not interact with Domain account.

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