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Hi Experts! I have used Outlook since its initial release and am now using 2010. Why can you not assign signatures to specific e-mail accounts automatically like we used to be able to -- Or am I imagining that Outlook was able to do that?

I had moved to Gmail and then had to go back to Outlook due to Gmail's maximum # of pop3 accounts -- I need more than 5. Gmail was able to assign the appropriate signature based on the email account... didn't Outlook do that previously?

I've Googled it and can't seem to find an answer. Outlook just offers a "default" signature - but doesn't allow you to assign a signature to each account.

I'd appreciated any assistance.

Thanks a lot!

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I am able to apply specific signatures to each account.  I have two Exchange accounts setup and and IMAP account, and each can have there own signature.  It may be a problem with POP accounts though.  with IMAP/Exchange accounts, each account has its own folder structure in Outlook, so when I create a new message it knows which account I am using.  However, if I change the "From" address after starting a new message, the signature does not change.  So I believe that the signature is only applied to a message when the window is first opened, and this would make it difficult to get default signatures for each POP account.
You can create customized forms for each of your accounts and specify the default sender address in each of these forms, then when the forms open, they can pull the default signature for that account.
If you are still stuck on not being able to create the default signature for each account, in the signatures and stationary window, there is a section for "Choose default signature" with combo boxes for "Email account", "New messages", "Replies/forwards".  You can choose separate "New Messages" and "Replies/forwards" options for each "Email account".

I am looking for a quick tutorial on how to create custom forms.
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I'll try that. Thanks so much for your help. I love this site!

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