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Cursor jumping for no reason on Google

Melody Scott
Melody Scott used Ask the Experts™
Hi, experts.

In the last few days, when I'm typing in a URL in the browser window, halfway through or so the cursor will jump to the Google search box (I'm always on Google when this happens, but I seldom start a new URL from a different location.)

My touch-pad is inactivated, so it's not that. I have been checking to see if I'm hitting another key, but just a few minutes ago I typed b and that was all, and the cursor jumped to the search box. Is this another Google "improvement"? If so, I might have to kill myself. :)

Thanks, I hope you can help. I'm using firefox 3.6 (I've tried 4 and up but I hate some of the new features). It's a DELL Inspiron N7010, and the mouse is a green leaf 18-620.

I'm not sure what categories to add this to, so I'm using new net user as one, although I'm certainly not.
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I have experienced this many times in various capacities. Run a virus scan, then look for malware then clean your registry. This usually helps get things back to normal. If none of those work, start searching for rootkits.

Resources that you can use:

Viruses: Norton Antivirus
Malware: Malware Bytes
Registry cleaning: Registry Mechanic
Rootkits: HiJack This


ok, I have McAfee running and the latest scan said it was all ok. But I'll check with Malware Bytes etc. Thanks.


malware bytes found nothing...
make sure to update the definitions of each before running (sorry so late to mention that tip!)


right, they do that automatically for dummies like me. :)


Seems to be fixed, thanks! My blood pressure is going down. :)
Great to hear!