Link two distribution lists in Exchange 2003

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Good day everyone. We have many distribution lists in the Public Folders. There are two specifically that also need to have copies in a director's personal contacts folder since she needs to send emails to these distribution lists from time to time from her Blackberry device and can't access the Public Folders distribution lists to send the emails.

Is there a way to link the copy in the PF with the copy in the personal contacts fodler so that we only need to update one and the other will sync?
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You need to write a customize code for it to sync. Natively you can't do it. The other work around would be to create another distribution list and share with the directory. This distribution list will have contact in pf. Then someone on the behalf of directory updated the dl with newly added pf contacts.



Can you elaborate on the work around? How would you share it?
Here is the work around.

Director when using BB can access on her contacts not PF.

Create a DL and Publish it in GAL

Director will get that DL through her contacts (GAL)

Now add PF mail enabled contacts in the DL, let someone esle keep updating it

Director when sends email to the DL, it will automatically be sent to mail enabled PF using that DL.


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