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Hi folks,

We have arlready migrated to exchange 2010 and we are in the process to removed the old e2k03 servers. I have already removed the e2k03 back0end server and now I am trying to remove the e2k03 front-end server but I am receiving this error :
[21:16:49] Setup encountered an error while checking prerequisites for the component "Microsoft Exchange":
0X8007202B (8235): A referral was returned from the server.
[21:23:18]  CComBOIFacesFactory::QueryInterface (f:\titanium\admin\src\udog\bo\bofactory.cxx:54)Error code 0X80004002 (16386): No interface.
The public folder, database, replica are already removed.
Any idea about the error will be apreciated!

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Looks like active directory related... Are you using schema admin account to remove exchange ? it needs that privilege.

0X80004002 (16386): No interface.

This tells that UI has exited ... so the actual issue happened before that :

0X8007202B (8235): A referral was returned from the server.

Take a look at this :
since everything has already been migrated off the exchange 2003 server, you could remove it manually usings ADSI Edit.

this link has a good bit of info on what to do -
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note that anytime you use ADSI edit, be sure to have a current backup of data and system state.

Perform a system state backup and follow a manual removal of Exchange 2003 
which is what I just said and the same link???


Thanks for all the replies yes I tried using the root credentials but the error was the same :( I did not want try manual remove but It seem that there is not other solution :(

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