SQL Failover Cluster installation

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Is there a way to bypass Setup Support Rules( Microsoft Cluster Service verfication errors) while installing SQL failover cluster.

I am getting errors regarding missing hot fix patches for windows server 2008. The peroblem is I cant get those patches to downlaod because I am still in WS Sp1 and the patches are for SP2
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The pre-req can't be checked because it supports required functionality for SQL Server to work properly. If the pre-req checker says it requires SP2 or specific patches, you'll need to install them before you proceed.

One option you can try is to get a copy of the SQL Server installation media with the current SQL SP slip-streamed into it - though you'd likely have the same issue, there's a chance that the missing Windows patch could be compensated for in a later SQL Server patch. Though I wouldn't hold my breath, it's a possibility.

In general though, you'll need to install those patches before continuing with the SQL Server installation.

you cant bypass the installation of Setup Support Rules...

by the way, what is the operating system you are trying to install over? Did you check the cluster configuration before proceeeding installation of sql server. I think you are facing a problem related to to the cluster configuration.

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