can I use class library from (C#)?

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I have a window application.
I would like to convert it to a class library.
Can I access this class library from c#?
Can I access this class library from application?
If not, what might be an alternative solution?
I am trying to use the existing code but build a new interface possibly a web based.

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If you convert your code to a class library project you will be able to add the class library project to both the windows application project and the project


a beginner question for you.

Say I have this application which is consists of win forms and functions.
This creates .dlll file in bin folder.

Is that same as class library?

I would create class library by creating a solution, project in visual studio, import all those classes.

How are class library different than that .dll file in the bin folder of that vb application?


Is there an example I can find?
calling functions from code behind.
Todd GerbertSenior Engineer
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A Class Library is essentially just a DLL file; unlike an EXE file a DLL can't be run, it's just a library of routines used by other programs.

You don't need to make your existing VB.Net Windows Forms application a class library, you can reference it's .EXE from any .Net project (including C#).

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