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I have a new solaris os and would like to install oracle 11.2 binaries on it. Please let me know all steps including setting up environment variables also. Thanks alot for your time and help in advance
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Download the correct installation from

Follow the installation guide that comes with it.  It has the step by step instructions.
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In a nutshell:
run the installer, select the options you want, log in as root and run the at the end.
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Here is my short checklist from memory. Always read the install guide first.

Review /etc/system, you will usually need changes to it, it is documented in the install guide as slightwv says.

Create your Oracle mount point or directory, usually it will be someting like /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0, though I shorten it to /u01/oracle often.

Create at least one oradata directory (/u01/oradata) - During DBCA (database creation) you'll point your data directory to /u01/oradata/<SID>

Consider a separate mount point for the Flash Recovery Area (db_recovery_file_dest parameter). I often do /flash_recovery_area (and DBCA will result in /flash_recovery_area/<SID>)

Create group "dba" (I usually set it to 500 or 1000) using groupadd

Create user "oracle" / group = dba (I usually also set oracle to 500 or 1000) using useradd

Switch user to oracle (su - oracle) (or login to the X desktop as oracle)

Make sure you have a graphical desktop. If using remote, setup DISPLAY environment variable accordingly so Oracle installer will initialize its GUI. Keep in mind if you are logged in as root, then su - oracle, X will throw an permissions error, so best to logout of desktop as root, then re-login as oracle. Same goes for remote VNC.
Start a vnc server as oracle.

Copy / unzip the install package to something like /u01/oracle/stage11.2 (you can remove that later)

cd stage11.2


You'll find during the prereq check of the installer that you likely missed a package, you'll be installing those from  your Solaris media with pkgadd

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