Click on a cell and it opens on a sheet

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I want to have my master sheet open
If I click on a cell it needs to open another sheet for that cell so I can enter details there.

So every row on the master sheet is a product
When I click on the product or particular cell
it will open the details sheet for that product.

I can have 50 products so that means 50 detail sheets.

Unlees there is another way.

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If you have worksheets name 'Product A', 'Product B', 'Product C', etc, then use a formula like this to create a hyperlink to the Product A worksheet:

=HYPERLINK("[Name of workbook.xls]'Product A'!A1","Product A")
You can simply do that by inserting hyperlinks :)

Press ctrl + K on the cell where you want to insert the hyperlink and then point it to the relevant cell in the other sheet.


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