Seek best solution to enable share screen on Mac OS X Server 10.4.11

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I need Mac OS X Server expert to respond my question regarding Mac OS X Server share screen problem.

Our company running Mac OS X Server 10.4.x, I would like to remote console the screen and I know that 10.6.x Server can be enabled sharing on server preference and then run Safari on client pc, actually, the server run on VNC function, for Mac OS X server 10.4.x, there is no such things on it, please correct me If I got the wrong answer.

There are two problems:

1 There is no screen on the console and I think that it is display card problem, however, the server is normal and runs fine except display screen problem, I can use SSH, remote workgroup manager and server admin from my Mac computer.

2  I need to monitor the screen during application installation or upgrade. so based on the point 1 situation, can I enable something on the server so that I can use remote console to see the server's screen.

P.S. Someone will answer me to replace display card but not applicable for this moment.

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MacOS 10.4 has a VNC server.

See for example.

Or are you asking something else - the question is a little hard to parse.
Oh, you probably need a way to turn on the remote screen sharing via the command line (since you don't have a screen).

Of course, I have no idea whether VNC will work when there is no screen, but here is a procedure (for 10.5, but it should be similar):


It work on my Mac OSX server, thanks.

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