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jquery slide animation

rivkamak used Ask the Experts™
I am trying to use a jquery slide up animation on this page:

For some reason, after it slides, it goes too far down so it jumps back to the top of the next div.
How do I stop that jumping that the slide should stop right on the next line?
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I removed the line

$(this).css('top', '0px');

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from the animate callback and the jumping stopped.

I also hacked the height calculation in the code below just to see if it worked, which it appears to. You'll probably want to organise your code better than this, I just couldn't quite work out what the rest of your height calculation code was doing, so I didn't want to mess with it. Basically call outerHeight on the first div element of the item li instead. This is in your moveUp method.

// my hack
nheight = obj.find('li:first > div').outerHeight(true);
obj.animate({top: '-=' + nheight + 'px'}, options.speed, function() {
	// removed this
       	//$(this).css('top', '0px');

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The jumping stopped, but I tried your hack, but now it's not moving at all.
I just need the page to figure out to stop at each div, and not more.
It was sliding correctly when I tried it. One item at a time. Did you work it out?


I though it was working, but now that I put the real text, it started jumping again.