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Admin rights on Access 2000 db

lakhi used Ask the Experts™
I have been assigned the task of updating a table on a cranky old Access 2000 database that has an Admin password. The person who created the database, way back when, doesn't remember the password.
Everything I try just gets me the you are not allowed to make changes to the structure blah blah blah.
Is there anything I can do to take control of the database? If I had full control of the file would that help?
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This straddles the fence of what we can offer as a solution.

There are services that can get you into the file, but you must prove "Ownership"
(not just say, "I forgot the password")

I am sure an expert will post one of these services


I understand about this "straddling" the fence. If I could find a service that would be great. I'm really stuck here.

all you need is a credit card and a search engine


This can be closed. Problem was that the db is an old Access 97 one and I was opening it in 2000. Once I opened it in 97, I was able to make changes.