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I have a server running Windows Server 2008 R2; it is hosting several shares. When i try to access the shares from the server locally either using the UNC or local path i get the message "Access is Denied".
The user account that i am using can access the share from workstations but cannot from the server.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Is this a single user account that is having this problem, or all accounts?  To be clear your problem is that from a workstation, you can access \\servername\sharename without problems, but if you try to access \\servername\sharename from the server you can't.  Also, on the server if you try to access the files directly using D:\data\sharename, you get the same Access is Denied message.


Multiple domain admin accounts seem to have the issue but not the built-in administrator account. The share can be accessed from a workstation but not from the server using either a local path or the UNC  path and yes i get the same message when using the local path.
What share level and NTFS level permissions are applied?  Can you recreate the issue by creating a new share?

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