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I have a client who use some sort of CMS to manage their website.
Since he does not want my script to impact his current website.
He suggests me to put all my work inside of the iframe.
What he will do is to create another webpage called xxx.aspx
and add iframe there.  Inside of Iframe will be added src=mynewwebportal/default.aspx

My question is:
1. Is it a good idea to use iframe?
2. Any alternative method we can use instead of iframe?

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It depends on the situation, but you want to avoid having an iframe if possible.
Actually this is the best way in your situation.

Normally the CMS things needs a lots of settings/configurations on the server side, so if you deploy your code on same server/domain it may cause unexpected behaviors in the existing pages.

Iframe is meant for these things only.


ajaysharmaapjs: in your opinion, so there is no other alternative better than iframe?
Well depending on the CMS as well, the CMS might have a module to make your life easier

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