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I am new to Facebook development, and I have a client who already have facebook webpage
like www.facebook.com/mycompany/

The company want to add a button on the webpage, and also want to carry user email/password and profile information. Meaning that if John Smith goes to their facebook website.
When John Smith click on the button, the button redirect the webpage to
the company website like xxx.com/app/default.aspx?Email=johsmithemail&password=JohnSmithPassword and etc....

Is this possible?
Basically, what the company tried to accomplish is to allow facebook users going to their website without login because once the redirect is done, the asp script will scan their database based on the email address and try to find their login is valid or not. if valid, then it will go to the default.aspx


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no becuae then you would be able to cache thier emails and passwords .. that may not be your intention but it makes that possible.. cannot be done unless your a facebook employee with acess to thier database..


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