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We currently have a IN-house ERP system that we are ditching for a cloud based solutuon with one of the BIG 4 providers. A couple of them have said that they are unable to import data from our current ERP to the cloud service.. This makes zero sense to me.. How can historical data not be imported into a new system.  What are some good questions to ask about data imports and just general questions to ask a provider when going from inhouse to cloud.
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Hi Goraps,

This doesn't make sense to me too. I mostly work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and they have excellent tools third party as well as OOB, available to do the job.
It has features to map data using your data files[CSV/Text].

Few questions which might be helpful :
 - How long it will take to complete a given number of records import, based on that you will be able to estimate total time needed in migration, given everything goes fine.
 - Whether it supports mapping of data fields and data types?
 - What happens to fields which can not be mapped?
 - Whether import process maintains the relationship within records?
 - Whether duplicate detection is available, in case there are dupes in old system you would want to filter them out while you are migrating.

Hope this helps,
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Thanks.. Our current ERP systems database is a Orcle DB.
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how to setup oracle database Amazon S2:

you can upload your current database to amazon s3 and then import it.

there is a fine distinction between importing business entities and importing transaction history.
For example:
On the one hand, an open purchase order is a business entity and every ERP system has tools to import open PO's (if your integrator doesn't do it dump him).

On the other hand, a fulfilled PO is no longer an active business entity. Some ERP systems can import it and some cannot.

On the gripping hand, it is usually technically possible to import historical entities, it is just a matter of technical know-how, goodwill and lots of cash.

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