Need to convert QuickBooks 2009 Enterprise to Quickbooks 2010 Pro

Andreas Gieryic
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I have a non-profit church who at some point was talked into getting QuickBooks Enterprise. They pay $895 each year for this service which allows them to get a new version every year. They can no longer afford this service. In addition, they have no need to upgrade each year.

I recently started supporting their network and found that they never needed QB Enterprise. They have a small church with 2 paid employees. QB Pro would be more than adequate. Apparently the Intuit salesperson at the time was good at selling ice cubes to Eskimos.

Intuit doesn’t support converting Enterprise to Pro. However there are several websites that do have this service for around $300

I’m fairly familiar with QB Pro but never worked with Enterprise

Does anyone have any experience with converting Enterprise to Pro?

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You can purchase transfer tools at
However, they do the service for  $395 which is
very reasonable and definitely pays to have them do it.
The service is available at for $299. The conversion is guaranteed and is extremely fast. I've converted a few company files - the conversion was PERFECT.
The direct link is 
Downgrading from QBES to Pro/Premier is not something just anyone can do. It deals with manipulating background data or creating a new file and transferring the data. As Linda stating, Karl Irvin at has a tool that will do the transferring for you, but you still need to know about how QB works to make it run correctly. (I use to use his tools for all sorts of things and they're great if you have the time to learn them.)

Your other choice is to find a company that will do it for you. Not all of us that do this charge as much as you have found so far. (I charge between $200-$250)

As far as working with the actual programs, QBES works the same as Pro/Premier. On the surface, there are very few, if any differences you will see so if you can work in Pro you can work in QBES.
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