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Setup encryption of Outlook 2007 pop3 email?

lew_stoner used Ask the Experts™
I am totally confused on encryption of Outlook 2007 emails.  What I want to accomplish.  I have 1 pop3 email account that I need EVERYTHING that is emailed out (especially attachments) from this email account to be encrypted.  How do I set this up? + Do I need an SSL Certificate or a Digital ID? Can I use the same SSL Certificate that I use for my website?  How do I get the receiver of the encrypted email the certificate or ID that allows them to view the email?  We do NOT have an exchange server or in house mail server.  I have looked at a lot of articles on the web, but I am confused because most of them give different answers.  Very detailed steps on setup would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Lew
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If you need everything to be encrypted that means that the recipient(s) of the emails also need to be able to decrypt the emails/the material you send.

SSL basically means that you want to encrypt the link from a web browser to a web server. It may also be used for encrypting the link from the email client to the pop3 server. However it does not encrypt the contents of the email.

In order to encrypt the email i.e. the digital envelope, the contents/the text and any attachments you need to have "something which can do this"...

E.g. by using the software PGP and/or a digital certificate installed in Outlook you can encrypt, decrypt and sign email and the contents.

There is a lot more to this but I guess one way of giving you the info you need is to suggest that you go to http://www.symantec.com/business/theme.jsp?themeid=pgp

Also, this info is hopefully useful for you...

This type of digital id enables you to use you Outlook client to encrypt email. However, the recipient need to be able to encrypt and decrypt also i.e. the recipient(s) need this as well.

I would go so far as to say that you either go with a "pgp" solution which can be integrated with Outlook (there is a plugin). The other solution is to purchase a digital id from e.g. verisign (or someone else!)


Will attempt to use pgp solution on Wednesday and let you know how it turns out.  Thanks, Lew
Purchased PGP Desktop and installed.  Obtained keys and they show in the PGP Desktop Software.  However I am unable to get Outlook to see the key.  I have read about 120 pages of PGP documentation (in so many words they say the PGP wizard should install to Outlook 2007)  I have searched on the internet but am unable to get Outlook 2007 to recognize the key.  Would you have any idea how that is done or where I can get step by step instructions?  Thanks, Lew


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