vbscript to put in login to send pc that you are logged into to AD P.O. Box fileld

chasmant used Ask the Experts™
Looking for a script that would add the pc name to the P.O. Box field in AD during login
We are using windows 7 as pc's
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Here you go.
on error resume next

set wshnetwork = createobject("wscript.network")
strComputername = wshnetwork.computername

Set oADSysInfo = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo")
userDN = oADSysInfo.UserName
userDN = "LDAP://" & userDN
if userDN <> "" then
	Set objUser = GetObject (userDN) 
	objUser.Put "postOfficeBox", strComputername
end if

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thanks really appreciate the fast response
rejoinderManager, IT
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You are welcome and thank you for the points :-)

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