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Internext Explorer Security Zones

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I have a GPO that adds some websites to the trusted sites and sets the security zone to low.  
The group policy says its applying without any errors but when I got into trusted sites the sites are not there.  I can tell the GPO is working because I also put in a site to add to my favorites and it is there.
I looked in the users profile under application data and do not see anything for internet explorer.

Any idea what is happening.
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When you try to go to the sites that you've added, are you able to get there? Sometimes the GPO changes settings, but doesn't show anything on the *client* side. I presume this is to make it easier to undo if the system needs to be taken out of the GPO.
Yes I am able to get there, just they are blank.  I just reconfigured the gpo to do site to zone and that works great.  Im going to stick with it.

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