How do I allow a Specific Number of Logins per User to TS Shared Applications

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I am running a shared application through Terminal Services using Windows Server 2008.  Some users are running as many as 5 instances of the application at one time, causing resource issues.  There are many users that legitimately need two instances, so I can't restrict to one.  Can anyone guide me in the procedure to limit each user to two instances of the application, either at the terminal server or group policy level?  Any help would be appreciated.


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?limit concurrent 2 or 3
you can't. Microsoft does not supply this possibility.

What you could however do, is ask a VBscript expert to write a small script that parses the current apps the user is running and put it as a shortcut on their desktop instead of your app. If the script detects X number running, it will quit, if it doesn't, it'll open the remoteapp link for the user, totally transparant.

A script like that is super easy so you might even be able to just google it together.

This is not an exact fix for you but might help. As Azhrei1 says, MS doesnt really help you out here.

You can do this several ways. You can install the application on a shared drive or shared
folder that the application is installed in, and put a limit on the number of connections to the share. The shortcuts to the application must use the UNC path, i.e. \\server\share\myapp.exe, and not a local path like D:\app_folder\myapp.exe

Or you could also use this tool, which uses a different approach:
Keeping compliant with software licensing through a batch file

lazarus's options won't limit your usage per user though, just the usage in total.

yes, that is true. It's more of a lisence issue monitoring fix than a per user. Your only really way to counter the issue is thru a script that iniated the program that will count and deny on count limits.

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