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Quirky screen behavior in Excel 2010

dcallas used Ask the Experts™
I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010.  When using Excel, I frequently experience a "shifting" screen image, especially (perhaps exclusively) when switching between multiple open workbooks.  I've attached a screenshot below to illustrate.

The area that "shifts" isn't the entire Excel window - just the worksheet itself (the column letters/headers down to the tabs).  The shifting is usually a few pixels down and to the right; the proper image seems to stay in place, but a separate "layer" of the worksheet image is presented in this shifted position.

I can usually fix it by zooming in then back out, or switching back to the other workbook and then back again.

Though I do use several macros that incorporate ScreenUpdating, this issue occurs when ScreenUpdating = TRUE.

Any tips to eliminate this bug would be greatly appreciated!

Sample screenshot
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This is usually representative of a driver issue. Try installing the most current manufacturer's driver for your video card.


Should have mentioned that I already tried that.  My video card is NVIDIA NVS 4200M.  I already had Dell's most recent driver installed (R306240), so I tried the even more recent version available directly from NVIDIA (Verde 275.33 Driver).  Neither driver seems to fix the issue.
I still feel that this is driver related. Try reducing your video acceleration and see if it gets better.
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Try changing your default printer and see if that helps.


Changing the printer didn't seem to help either.  I'm inclined to think jzaniewski is correct re: the video card's driver, though I suppose it's possible that both drivers I've tried are susceptible to this issue.  

Thank you both for your suggestions.
I would try calling Nvidia and see if they have a fix for this issue. Their main number is 408-486-2000.
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