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I have a SBS 2008 with an Exchange Server 2007, yesterday the Rogers line was cut due to construction; when that happened the OWA stopped working as well as receiving email on the BlackBerry using the BIS.

We really need to get the remote email working again so people can check their email from home.
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Need a bit more information on this.  Do you have internet back up now?  Are you on a Static IP?  Can you resolve your Domain name from the outside?
You will need to get a new ISP into the building on a Static IP account.  Do this ASAP.  Once you know what your new IP address is, you will need to update the DNS record for the record that points to your old Rogers IP address.  This should be all that is needed, but it may take some time to get everything backup and running.  If you can't get an ISP to come in today or early tomorrow, you may be able to get a wireless(cell phone) provider to give you a device you can use as a modem for the network.  The problem will be inbound services will most likely be blocked.  You might be able to use a service like Spamsoap to forward email to a different port number, thereby allowing you to send/recieve mail, but blackberry and owa may still be a problem.  Secondary ISP accounts are a great way to prevent this in the future.

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