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Windows Installer cannot be accessed

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I am running Windows Seven Ultimate on motherboard P6T WS Professional. Windows Installer cannot be accessed so I cannot access Microsoft office and cannot install new programs
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Step1: Try rebuilding the windows installer service under services.msc

Step2. Run an inplace upgrade using the windows 7 disk.
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Is the windows installer service enabled, and set to manual (default)?

If you try and start it manually, does it error?

Any errors in the event logs?

Could go to an elevated command prompt, and type following....

Msiexec /unregserver
Msiexec /reserver

Then reboot....

Exact errors would be ideal though....


I have already tried that. The exact error is 'The Windows Installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.
I agree with Ashutosh1231: second suggestion surely u r issue will be resolved.



The panachea or remedy for all such computer trouble is Restoration from a backup. I use Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 Workstation Advanced and is pretty effective. So I restored Windows Seven from a previous image. System Restore does not carry the same value as a backup as all Computer Professionals will agree.
Otherwise then restoration from a backup it would have been a complicated affair as I went to the Microsoft Window Seven Suppport Forums modifying the registry using regedit  pretty technical and risky. Restoration from an image is less technical especially once you have got used to it. Without a backup no serious computer work can be imajined.
One problem has been solved but one other problem remains. When I shut down the computer it restarts. I do have an image before that also but I have after that image changed the motherboard from P6T Deluxe V2 to P6T WS Professional as the former motherboard stopped giving display and the same motherboard was not available. The chipset is the same but there will be activation problems I do not want to phone Microsoft again and again.
So I will be grateful if the sages who helped me in this question would answer thast question as well why does the computer restart when I shut down it?

If the computer is restarting instead of shutdown then ...Might be power supply issue.



johnb6767 gave the nearest technical answer.


ded9 I changed my power supply from Asus 450 watts to Cosair GS 800 watts. It may be the motherboard but let me put in a new question and then you may reply.