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I have a Toshiba Tecra A11-SP5011M, that Laptop came with Windows 7 Pro, i need to downgrade to XP Professional 32 bits, when i try to install apears Blue Screen, i read in forums that can change to IDE mode in the bios, and that's works, but i want use SATA mode, is it posible ?. Can somebody help me?.
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It should be possible, but when you change modes, under normal circumstances you may have to reinstall Windows, as the storage driver changes. Hence, when you are currently altering the BIOS setting, you get a BSOD since the storage driver no longer identifies your hardware.

Obviously that's an inconvenient option for most people, unless this is a completely fresh installation. I have had success with the following procedure, and used it to migrate installations between dissimilar hardware:
Is there an "Enhanced" option for IDE?
Boot up into your BIOS, look for a setting ACHI.

Disable it then you can install xp.

After you install xp go get your SATA drivers and install them , then you can turn back on the ACHI in BIOS>
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One other thing, I think you need XP with SP2 for SATA support.  If your XP CD isn't SP2/SP3 level then you need to update it via a SlipStream method or download a more current CD.

Using a floppy drive or perhaps USB, download the SATA drivers and then during the XP installation (at the beginning) press F6 and point the installation to the SATA files.

Alternatively use something like Nlite ( to create a custom installation - it includes options to 'inject' additional drivers and service packs before a new CD/DVD is created (


I do agree with RobMobility.

You have two options to include drivre for your HDD and use SATA support.
1) Include driver for your HDD using Floppy Disk while installation of Windows XP installation.
2) Use thrid party software to build a bootable OS system CD/DVD with injected driver of SATA HDD.

Hope works for you.


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