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I have a user that scans business cards and creates an Outlook contact.  This will get saved into user1 Outlook contacts.  User1 will move them into user2 Outlook contact folder.  User2 will right click the contact and forward it to another user and can't because Outlook is trying to send it as user1 and user2 doesn't have permission.
I've tried to copy, move and drag the contact but it still appears to be owned by user1.  Is there a way to change the owner or permissions on an Outlook contact?
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Hmm, if you go in as user 2 can you goto folder view, right click on the contacts folder an manually assign owner permissions to user 2?  Hope this helps.
you can give permission thorugh pfadmin tool also

or use ESM but from ESM you have give full mailbox permission .better is user pfadmin tool


Thanks but it's not a permission issue with the folder.  It's only the contacts that are moved from user1 to user2 that need send as permission from user1 to forward the contact.

This seems to be a setting issue in USER1 outlook configuration. The correct permission has been not assigned to USER2 to access those contacts.

Try to reconfigure the contact permission on USER1 login with the help of below mentioned link & check.

Hope these information will help you to resolve your issue.

Have a nice day........

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