Silverlight HtmlPage.Window.Invoke set Title of IE9 Tab

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I need to launch an .aspx page from a Silverlight application.  The code I am using is:
   HtmlPage.Window.Navigate(uri, "myTarget", "height=1,width=1,top=5000,left=5000");

The page displays in a new tab in IE9.  The problem is that the title of the page is 'Untitled Page'.  Please see attached screen shot.  How can I specify a title?

Terry Show Untitled Tab In IE9
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why not specify that in the page that you are trying to open , for instance if you do this

HtmlPage.Window.Navigate(new Uri(""), "_blank", "height=1,width=1,top=5000,left=5000");

you can see that the page is opened with a title "Google"


OK.  I actually found that the intranet html code for the page that I was testing againt actually specified 'Untitled Page' as it's Title.  

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