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what occassion we apply patches..
can you please give me an instance how we apply patches..
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typically you run    opatch

if the patch requires special instructions  they will be included in the readme file with the patch download
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- whenever there is an update due to security or bug, Oracle will release a patch. depending on Oracle's recommendation and priority notes, you can apply it almost immediately or at period of time that you think the best to apply it as not to disturb the database operation.
"Oracle issues product fixes for its software called patches. When you apply the patch to your Oracle software installation, a small collection of files are replaced to fix certain bugs. OPatch is an Oracle supplied utility that facilitates Oracle software patching.

A group of patches form a patch set. When you apply a patch set, many different files and utilities are modified. This results in a version change for your Oracle software, for example, from Oracle Database to Oracle Database To apply a patch set you use the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)."
- taken from the doc. the method is explain in the folowing document:

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