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I have about 3 TBs of data that I've backed up to tape.  The data was originally on external drives and has since been copied to internal drives that are in a workstation on the network.  The data was backed up from the internal drives on the workstation.  This data is STATIC.  I just need a copy on tape just in case.  After the backup is completed, I'll remove the tapes from the robot and place them in a safe.  The internal drives with the copied data will be moved to another workstation at another facility - this will be the working copy.  In other words the data will be extrapolated from the raw data and whittled down to something that will be used for analysis.  Let's say for some reason, I need to restore all or some of the data from the tapes a year or two from now. What will I need to do to restore the data (besides the tapes)?  What are/should be my considerations?  It seems to me that the first thing I'll need to accomplish is getting Netbackup to determine what data is on the tapes - catalog it.   What if the workstation the internal drives were in is no longer available (maybe a non-issue)?  What else?  I’m currently running Netbackup Version 7.0.1
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Some things to consider:
Will your organization move away from Netbackup in the next say 2 years? This would be a problem with the restore.

What tapes are you using LTO, etc? You would need to make sure you keep a drive that can read the old tapes.

The other, like the drive being around wouldn't be a concern. You could do a redirected restore.

Also, if you put an indefinate retention, multi-year, etc, then you wouldn't need to catalog the tapes. The information would stay in the database.


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