Dates not recognized when downloaded from Peoplesoft

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I'm experiencing some unexpected behavior in a PeopleSoft nVision matrix report.

The report layout has a date code in Row 2, which is hidden

-Cell F2 has the PeopleSoft code %ASD% to return the Report Date, so for Apr 30, 2011,
the formula returns '2011-04-30 (including the apostrophe).

-Cell F10 is a column header with the formula =Text(F2,"mmm") and should display Apr

Both cells are formatted as General.

The result of the text formula in cell F10 has always been Apr,but when we run the same layout in a new production environment residing offshore, the result in cell F10 is the number 4 instead of Apr.

The column header in cell F10 will magically update and resolve to "Apr" if you
-expand the hidden row (row 1) with the %ASD% formula, or
-activate either cells F1 or F10.

But, we dont want to have to manually intervene to get the header to display the month as Apr. I could use VBA to activate cells in the This Workbook object, but I'd like to understand why this is happening and if there's a non-VBA solution.

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Instead of TEXT, try this:


That will give the number of the month.  

Or just use this:


and format the cell as mmm
or maybe this is what you want?


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