4 IP Cameras for Monitoring a Factory Machine

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We have a large machine at my work and we would like to place 4 cameras around it to allow the operator to view certain areas when another operator is performing maintenance, or when product gets jammed in the machine. We do not need recording ability per se, but mainly the ability to view all 4 cameras at the same time on a single LCD screen/monitor.

If I picked up 4 of these $99 cameras


and then a sub-$200 Netgear POE switch, is there free software for monitoring those 4 IP POE Cameras?

I was hoping to use POE IP cameras with a POE switch that is either connected to our main network, or simply connected to the computer with camera software installed. What would you guys suggest as the best solution and stay within $700? Thank you so much.

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It looks like that device has software included that should allow you to do what you want.  It will include a lot more, things like recording and compression, but it should also have an option to view the live feeds from the cameras.  I am just looking for documentation on the software.
The user manual for the camera includes documentation on IPView Pro 2.0 starting on page 30.  The documentation shows the ability to have 4 screens of live feed going.  That should be all that is needed.



any help on an affordable POE switch?  We wouldn't need more than 4 POE ports.  I need something that doesn't require CLI.  I probably wont put this switch on our network as it's sole job will be to view 4 angle of a production machine in our factory from a single computer.

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