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I am trying to parse records delimited by curly brackets.  I'd like to use both brackets as delimiters in a regex split operation

{name:"Tom", job: "doctor", bday:1/1/91}, {name:"Jim", job: "nurse", bday:1/1/91}, {name:"Sara", job: "Admin", bday:1/1/91}

records[0] = name:"Tom", job: "doctor", bday:1/1/91
records[1] = name:"Jim", job: "nurse", bday:1/1/91
records[2] = name:"Sara", job: "Admin", bday:1/1/91

I'd like to use Regex to separate the records.  I can't use commas because they are used elsewhere.  I can't figure out the grammar to parse it properly

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Here is the regex that would do what you want:

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I meant to explain that before posting.  Backslash to search for a literal {, then any number of characters that aren't curly brackets followed by a curly bracket.  This is better than using a .* since the * is a greedy quantifier.  You might also get:


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but I believe the first option will be better.
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You will need to escape those backslashes in C#, so the full pattern string would be:

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I can't use commas because they are used elsewhere
Could you not use the sequence "}, {" to split on? Then a simple string split would suffice. You would, of course, need to trim the starting "{" and ending "}".

string testing = "{name:\"Tom\", job: \"doctor\", bday:1/1/91}, {name:\"Jim\", job: \"nurse\", bday:1/1/91}, {name:\"Sara\", job: \"Admin\", bday:1/1/91}";

string[] records = testing.TrimStart('{')
                          .Split(new string[] { "}, {" }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

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You don't have to escape the braces that occur inside of the bracket expression  : )
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Please have a look at this as well:

string Unparsed = "{name:\"Tom\", job: \"doctor\", bday:1/1/91}, {name:\"Jim\", job: \"nurse\", bday:1/1/91}, {name:\"Sara\", job: \"Admin\", bday:1/1/91}";
List<string> ParsedList = new List<string>(Regex.Split(Unparsed.Replace("{", "").TrimEnd("}"), "}, "));

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