Best Memory Testing Tool? Windows Memory Diagnostic?

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We use Windows Memory Diagnostic to test memory in machines.  This is the link to it:

Is it the best out there?  Does anyone else have any experience with another free, effective tool to test system memory/RAM?
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How is it different from WMD?
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network Manager

Both are viable testers. It can be argued either way being the better solution. However, I have found the WMD to be a bit more accurate on the 1st or 2nd pass in finding potential errors than that of memtest. You can also option the "extended" test on memtest to see what the results would be..
If you want a more in-depth view, testing options(including calculations,etc.. I would suggest Prime95.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor
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I use memtest86+ as well. Defining a 'best tool' is difficult. What makes a memory test tool the best tool?

To name a few:
- Time it needs to fully test a defined amount of memory?
- Hitrate it has in finding defective memory banks?
- Price?
- Bootable from CD?

I find memtest86+ easy to use, handy as it runs from bootable CD and because it found defective memory for me a few times already and because it's free.

Can you share your WMD experiences?
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>>  How is it different from WMD  <<  
the main difference is that it needs windows to be running; and that can be problematic with bad ram...
-also, memtest86+  which i use, runs from a cd, and uses minimal resources, and lets you test your ram  stick s 1 by 1 or all together
-faster startup
personally - i recommend to downoad ubcd, it has memtest - and much more diags  :      

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