What's a good extraction tool for Goldmine version 9 (SQL back end)

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I need to extract my Goldmine database and then later import that extracted data into Saleforce. What tool(s) would you recommend for the Goldmine extraction? The Goldmine database uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as back end. I used a Microsoft Windows 2003 server (hosts SQL server) and Vista, XP and Windows 7 client machines (Goldmine client).
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GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/Developer

Goldmine has a built in export. Plus you can also perform SQL queries (selects only) with goldmine also
I would output ascii text records, and excel has a function where you can place dividers to delineate the fields. After you have your record delineation template, excel will import the entire ascii table into a spreadsheet and then output to practically any format imaginable. But usually you just import each speadsheet as a table.  
GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/Developer

With the SQL Queries, when you have the results you just right click and select "Output to>" and you can choose Clipboard or Excel or Word
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Use bcp, it will work fine, you will have wide support, and it comes with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.


jorge please tell me more about bcp. How do I access it?


I need to get flat files like excel or CSV from the extract. Salesforce will only accept flat files for import.
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Use SQL queries and output too as I have mentioned. It's simple depending on what data you need

Select c1.* ,c2.* from contact1 c1,contact2 c2
Join c1.accountno=c2.accountno

That will get the contacts

Then you need to decide on history records etc

I have a better query to include the email addresses also. You can find that in another solution I provided. Or I can post again one I am back at a pc
>> jorge please tell me more about bcp. How do I access it? <<

You could access it thru command prompt, or other API.

bcp Utility, examples:
A. Copying table rows into a data file (with a trusted connection)
bcp AdventureWorks2008R2.Sales.Currency out Currency.dat -T -c

Open in new window

B. Copying table rows into a data file (with Mixed-mode Authentication)
C. Copying data from a file to a table
D. Copying a specific column into a data file
E. Copying a specific row into a data file
F. Copying data from a query to a data file
G. Creating a non-XML format file
H. Creating an XML format file
I. Using a format file to bulk import with bcp

See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms162802.aspx

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