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Event ID 14029, MSExchangeMailboxAssistants

Upgraded from Exchange 2003 environment to exchange 2010 (have not installed SP1), no longer using Public Folders

Getting this error in Exchange application logs:
Couldn't find an Exchange 2010 or later public folder server with a replica for the free/busy folder: EX:/o=DOMAIN INC/ou=FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP.

How do I resolve this?
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Are there any outlook 2003 users in your domain? they need to use public folders for oab and free/busy information.

If not did you clear the public folder distribution (and enabled the web-based distribution) for your offline address book? Use Exchange management console, organization configuration, mailbox and go to the offline address book tab do properties of you address book(s) and go to the distribution tab to change the settings.
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We have public folder distribution cleared and web-based enabled, but we have Outlook 2003 sp2 or later check on client support - is that a problem?
no that should not be a problem. was the public folder distribution already cleared or did you do this lately? And after you cleared the check the error still persists?
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Deeper issue than what was first suspected.
@globalwm have you found a resolution for this? I am having the same event logs.