Problem displaying content in Adobe Contribute CS5

elmbrook used Ask the Experts™
I have a client which we created a website for.
The client uses Adobe Contribute CS5 and is logged in as a publisher.
3 out of the 15 pages only display some of the background imagesand not the content within the pages.

I am using Contribute CS4 as an administrator and I see all pages correctly.

I have used Adobe Dreamweaver to create the website.

1. Has someone come across this issue before?
2. Can someone please let me know what is wrong with the pages and how to fix this?

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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

Hi elmbrook,

How is the background image set?  CSS or HTML?  Do you have a screenshot of the problem?

Does this affect the normal browser view?

Contribute always has been and remains an extremely buggy program...

is it only a particular browser thats not working if so try an alternative browser

a url would help so we can see the error ourselves


@jason1178 Background is CSS.
Normal browser works OK
The attached image shows menu scrolling down rather than remaining on right side end and below shows the problem loss of content.
The site URL Eco composite image
Don't talk to me.
Ok, that's a Contribute CSS handling issue.  Contribute (and Dreamweaver) has problems rendering complex CSS on occasion and you seem to have found one of the occasions.  Because it works in the browser, I'm hesitant to tell you to change anything.  You'll end up breaking the page just to make it work in a program that's broken already.

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