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i have a vista home and i get poups " the file folder"veofen.scr" that this short-cut to can not be found.

i ran ccclener an ddid not help.
Can this be virus?
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Instead of running a CCcleaner , can you try install anti-malwarebytes and scan the full computer ?
ibrahim52Team Leader
You can download Anti Malwarebytes from here.
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ibrahim52Team Leader
Or what you can do is (try on your own risk), Go to REGEDIT (Registry Editor) and make a SEARCH for veofen.scr and it will list the keys having veofen.scr path. Delete those keys, just make sure that you take the backup of your existing registry by chosing EXPORT option.
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Should be able to find it here, by searching (binocular icon at the top). If you arent comfortable working in the registry, this would be the safer alternative...

This is also considering that the popups are happening at bootup. Are they popping up randomly? When you launch a file/shortcut?

Without knowing your OS, its hard to provide further information. But it might be something hooked into your file associations.....

If it is happening when launching .EXE files or shortcuts, look at resetting the appropriate File Association.... It will remoe that reference....

Windows 7 - Default File Type Associations - Restore

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Thank you all

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