Dreamweaver footer changes to the width of a form when form is added

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Hi. I have a form that was created for my client. When the form was created it changed the footer for that page. I'm not savvy enough with css to know what happened. Here's the link to the form.
I also have a text wrap issue with the last radio button. Not sure how to fix. Thanks in advance for your help. Scott
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You have both your form and your footer within a containing div with an id of rightcolumn.  Your footer will naturally expand to the width of this column.

The only way to avoid this is to explicitly set width on your footer id.

I'm sorry, but I don't see any issues with text wrap on the last radio button.  Your display remains fixed as I resize the window.
In the HTML file, cut code for the footer (lines 336 to 341-near the bottom) and paste them on line 344 (Between the </div> and <!-- InstanceEnd -->).
This will place it outside the form div and stretch to the width of the green/blue background.

I've attached the updated html file below with the footer in the space suggested.

 footer across bottom of page
 code changes


HI. Thanks for the code image. When I go into my dreamweaver doc. that section is grayed out because it's part of a template. What's the easiest way to edit this without messing up the template? Thanks.


Rartemass - I ended up going into the original template and saving it out as another page so I could edit the form. One last question. How do I delete the space at the end of the footer. I have a section of the container showing under the footer. Thanks.  Scott

Remove padding-bottom from #rightcolumn style specification, main.css line 55 and margin-bottom from #footer style, main.css line 41.



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