WordPress - do I need an index.php and an html.php?

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I have a client who has already created a design for a website and because of all the added features the customer needs - a word pres theme is the best way to go. I have all the layers for the theme including background

 I have made my basic wordpress them in php and a basic css to cover it. First time doing this but both check out with W3C validators as passing. I've noticed some wordpress themes have an index.php file as well as an index.html file. My qustion is do I need an HTML file too or should I just proceed to implement the design using index.php? Need some steps if I should make an html.index file to hook up to the back-end php.
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BTW..I made the wordpress theme php and css file from scratch - I am not using an existing theme.
Just want to know - put artwork in the css for the basic php template I made or make a separate html template??
You do not need an index.html page for wordpress.  This is added for sites that want a special "splash" page and will normally redirect to the index.php page anyway.

Since you are new, I will also give you a tip.  Index.php is only used if you do not specify a special page or post to use in your wp-admin settings->reading.  In this case, it would use the page.php (or any template you specify).


Thanks OmniUnlimited!

I created these files for my basic WP Theme:


Are you saying to take all code from index.php and put it into page .php ( name maybe' front-page.php')?
Then go to wp- admin settings>reading and tell it to look for 'front-page.php"?
This would be a better way to go than leaving it the defualt  index.php? I mean does it matter?

Before uploaded the finalized theme - do I just name a folder 'images' for wordpress to contain all the new theme design images?
You are welcome.

No, what I am saying is that you can set up a page in your wp-admin pages->add new page.  There, in the right hand column you will see a dropdown under the word "Template".  There you can select your template (to create your own template, see http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages under "Creating Your Own Page Templates").

Once you have created a page using one of your templates, just go to wp-admin settings->reading and click on Front Page displays a static page.  Then select your front page from the drop down menu.  The page you created should be in the list.
Your theme folder should contain the subfolder "images".


Thanks for both answers ( pages and images folder).


I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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Awesome! Extra 9 yards!
I'm sorry dmullis, but may I ask why you are closing this question and giving yourself points?
OmniUnlimited gave answers that are correct. It seems the dmullis: doesn't quite grasp the way a WordPress theme works. I've never used a WordPress theme that required an index.html file. I've seen the "Silence is Golden" index.php files for directory protection, and I may have seen .html files for the same purpose, but it isn't needed or ideal for a WordPress theme.

If  dmullis: wasn't sure what to do the best thing to do would have been to ask for further clarification. A question should be left open until the Expert is able to complete the process of assisting with the proposed solution, or until it is no longer making progress. This doesn't seem to be the case.

I would remind anyone reading this thread that the experts aren't paid and take time out of their busy schedules to provide support for the Expert Exchange community and clients. The only thing that the experts ask for in return is the chance to explain their solutions, and a fair reward of points for the correct answers. It is frustrating to spend time on questions just to have it deleted. That's my take on this one. No one asked and maybe no one cares, but maybe taking the time to explain the process will have some effect on future questions.

Good Luck OmniUnlimited: and good answer (whether you are credited or not).
Oh, and I object :)
Thanks jeremyjared74.  I appreciate your good intentions in standing up for me like that.  I was going to give dmullis a chance to respond, however, before I posted an objection.  It appears like she is pretty new to the technology scene and maybe to EE.  It could be it was an honest mistake.


I am so sorry. I definitely meant to give OmniUnlimited the 500 points and a score of A! I have been awarding points for some time but must have entered something wrong. My aplogies OmniUnlimited. Let me try again.
I offer my apologies dmullis:, I didn't consider the fact it might have been a mistake. Please forgive me.


I hope this works. Honestly. I thought I gave these points before and actually said  thank you for answering both the questions about the index.php and the images file. Also that i appreciate that you went the extra 9 yards. No, I am not new to IT or programming on an intermediate level, but am on a deadline and a little initmidated if my custom wordpress theme will work out okay because I am new to PHP and wordpress. I am not sure what I did that caused the question to be closed without awarding points, but I certainly meant to accept OmniUnlimited's answer with KUDOS! :)


Do I need to re-open this question to assign points?
No, I believe it closed with points.


Thanks jeremyjared74



Is there a way you can let me know if you got your points. The EE office is closed - tried to call. So is chat. Please let me know.
I sure did dmullis, thank you so much.  If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Awesome OmniUnlimited. Thank you again!
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

Hey guys,

What happened is that dmullis selected "Accept and Award Points" in his own post.  That tells EE that "I solved it myself but I want to give assist points to the Expert(s)" and is a common mistake.

On the second pass, dmullis used the Accept link in OmniUnlimited's post which closes the question in the correct way.

All in all, no harm done!

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