Resolution Issues with HP Laptop and Docking station

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Hi there,

we have a user who uses an HP Docking station and Laptop.
She is running XP SP3.

When she docks her laptop the screen resolution is incorrect.
It should be running at 1920x1080 but when it docks it either resets to the smallest resolution, or the resolution of the laptop screen or even just a random resolution - it is very inconsistent.

We have tried the following:

While the laptop is docked the screen is closed.
When it is undocked the screen remains closed.
When the laptop is undocked the screen is opened and used as you would use a laptop.
The laptop is shutdown at the end of usage.
The laptop is placed on the docking station with the screen closed.
The laptop is powered on using the power button on the docking station.
NOW: sometimes it displays the correct resolution and other times it resets.

An alternative to this is starting the laptop off the docking station and then once it's started up dock it with the screen open.
Once the laptop displays on the monitor, we close the laptop.
This also has varying results.

This is getting increasingly annoying and no set procedure seems to work.

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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst Senior

Is this using the Intel, ATI, or nVidia adapter?

Either one of these should give you the laptop tools of when the system is docked or when it is a standalone.

You may need to download and re-install the utility that controls this under the by uninstalling it first and re-installing it.

Be wary of any Registry Cleaners that affect the keys for this..
Be also wary of installing the software directly from nVidia, ATI, or Intel - use the OEM version instead.

Do you know when this had previously worked properly?  Maybe you can restore the system to a known good date?


WakeupSpecialist 1

Also have you tried setting hardware profiles for your laptop?
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look also if the docking station has updates
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Please provide HP Laptop model and docking station details?




HI there,

Docking station: HP KQ751AA
Laptop: HP Compaq 6730B

Will post more details regarding other posts soon.


In device manager, what is the external monitor being detected as? Generic PNP, Flat Panel 1900 x 1080 etc?

Have you tried a DVI cable to monitor (if the monitor supports it?)?




I was able to consistently dock the laptop and have the correct resolution show up.
I did it by leaving the screen open when I docked, once it was past the boot process I then closed the lid.
Worked every time.

I do still think there are other problems though - at one stage the laptop wouldn't pickup that there was a network cable in the NIC. I have to physically move the laptop next to the switch and connect it there.
It picked up the NIC and connected, as soon as I disconnected the cable the NIC disappeared again.
Plugged it in and it showed up again.
Unplugged it and it disappeared.
Then I took it back to her desk, plugged it into the docking station, the laptop found the NIC and connected, it then stayed there after that.

As for the Hardware profiles, I'm not sure they would help our situation.
Perhaps someone could explain how hardware profiles help in this situation?

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could you test with another docking station, or test the laptop on a known good?
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A hardware profile is a set of instructions that tells Windows which devices to start when you start your computer, or which settings to use for each device. When you first install Windows XP, a hardware profile named Profile 1 (for laptop computers, the profile is named Docked Profile or Undocked Profile) is created. By default, every device that is installed on your computer when you install Windows is enabled in the Profile 1 hardware profile. This article describes how to set up hardware profiles for laptop computers that run Windows XP.

Taken from here:

Basically if you learn how to set up a profile, the user could use a specific profile for a docked situation and an undocked situation.
So when she is undocked she can have the resolution set one way, and when she's docked the resolution can be set a different way.
Also if the dock has other devices like Printers, scanners, external devices, cdrom drives, secondary monitor, or other devices the profile can be set to use those things or not use those things when docked or undocked.

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