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We bought a couple 5524's to use strictly as iSCSI switches for our SAN. Inisde the gui it has an SCSI optimization setting but i need to also enable portfast and mtu 9216 globally. i have 2 switches connected with hdmi so that i have unit 1 and 2. if i do interface range gi1/0/1-24 i can then do spanning-tree portfast. but im not sure how to also enable it for the two 10GbE ports. i am also unsure how to set mtu to 9216. someone told me to just type mtu 9216 but its not a recognized command.

thank you.
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According to Dell docmentation I have seen, iSCSI optimization provides a means of giving (QoS) treatment to iSCSI traffic on the switch. This is accomplished by monitoring, or “snooping,” traffic to detect packets used by iSCSI stations to establish iSCSI sessions and connections mainly designed for equallogic SAN technology.

when you enable the iSCSI optimization on the switch it does the following:
After enabling iSCSI, the following procedures occur automatically:
- Jumbo Frames are enabled on all switch ports.
- Spanning-Tree Port-Fast (STPF) is automatically enabled but only on the switch interfaces that are
connected to Dell Equal Logic SAN
- MTU 9216 is enabled on all ports and port channels when “iscsi enable” command is entered.
-Unicast Storm Control is automatically disabled on ports connected to the SAN.

Here is the link to the relevant information where I double checked my thoughts.
Pages 5 and 6 have more information.
The document discusses EQL SAN technolgies with the features of the powerconnect 5224 - as most of the features you are pointing out on the switch were designed for use with equal logic.

Hope this helps. Cheers


Thank you. I'm using a nexsan e18 but the document helps a lot. It breaks down what each setting does and why you want or dont want it.

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