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I'm running into something I've never seen before - a Crystal Report with objects (labels and fields) to the "right" of the "displayed" detail section.

It took me a LONG time to even see them but I finally figured out that if I shrink the view to 50% they are displayed in the grey area to the right.  The only problem is they're so small I can't work with them.  I also need to edit these and I don't know how to drag new fields into this area.  It does look like I can change the Page Setup to 11 x 17 but that isn't big enough.

This report was designed this way so it can be exported to excel.

Any ideas?  I'm lost on this one.

Thanks in advance

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Here's the report

In Design View - You can try using the Find (cntl-f) function on the menu bar of Crystal Reports. If you don't know the field you are looking for you can open the Show SQL query located under Database to find the name. Once you find the select field or label you can select format Text under Format Menu.
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I have done this in the past where we needed some fields to be used but not show in the printout.  By choosing normal paper we had the report we wanted.  We also added a custom paper size which was 3 pages wide.  The fields could then be displayed when we changed paper size before running.  In this way we had some extra information available but the printed report wouldn't show it.

Try using a longer page like LEGAL and setting the paper to Landscape.

You need to create a page that is at least 30" long to see all the fields.
I have one that is longer than that and can get at all the fields by changing the paper size.

As mlmcc said, you can temporarily change the page/paper size to one that's wide enough to show all of the fields.  If the printer that the report is set to use doesn't support a large enough size, you can temporarily change the report to use a different printer.  If you don't have an actual printer that supports the size you need, you can install a virtual PDF printer, which "prints" to a PDF file.  There are a number of them out there.  The ones that I've looked at work by emulating a Postscript printer and then converting the Postscript output into a PDF file.  The one that I have (CutePDF Writer) includes a number of really large paper sizes (up to 3' x 8'), plus the ability to specify your own custom paper size.  I've used that before in CR to create a large page size.



Thanks!  Funny, I've been in the business for many years and I had NO idea you could change the paper size through printers.



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