is silverlight realivant enough on the web

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Hello there:

I have what I would considered a basic question but a very important one.  Is silverlight relevant enough to integrate into web development such as silverlight modules for chats and other interactivity.

The reason I am asking is because I am thinking of using a silverlight module for my CMS project using dotnetnuke and I just want to get some ideas if the silverlight technology is wide spread enough so that the average jo running IE or Safari or Firefox can interact with my website without having to have any tech knowledge or cyberphobia (i.e. how to install silverlight plug in or fear that clicking on the yellow bar to install a silverlight plug in would cause them to get unwanted symptoms on their computer.

I want to make sure that silverlight is streamlined into enough of the common browsers so that when someone stumbles upon my site it will just work as intended in the majority of browsers out there.

also while I am still on this topic I am wondering do you have any idea of how widely silverlight is supported among mobile browsers like opera mini and safari.

Thanks a lot for your help,

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is netflix relevant on the web?  It uses Silverlight.. Silverlight is only a user interface. as is flash.. it does work cross platform but the message that will come up is 'silverlight by microsoft' must be installed.. usually pages have a selector that the user can click to enable silverlight or they just see a non-silverlight page.. ala a flash site where the user can opt out of flash enabled or not.


this helps a lot in my decison making process in regards to using the technology in my website

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