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I need to do the following:
1. put some objects into a collection
2. sort from min to max (with or without a key)
3. get the object with the min value (something like "peek")
4. modify the object without removing it

Key used will be a property of the object.

I don't know the keys or values in advance so I need to be able to use an index to get the top object.

Which is the best collection to use?  

I'm looking at the following:
SortedList(Of K,V)
SortedDictionary(Of K,V)
SortedSet(Of V)
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I think even a regular List(Of X) would be fine. You could call the Sort method on it when you needed to. I don't think any of the Dictionaries are going to grant you an index-based accessor. I haven't worked with SortedSet, so I can't say whether or not it has index-based accessors. At this point, my suggestion would be the list--either the plain-jane list, or the SortedList. The plain-jane version just needs to have the Sort method called prior to you accessing the first element (i.e. index zero).
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Hi kaufmed, I tested your suggestion and it works.

Hi CodeCruiser, the article is a little bit more than what I need right now but I might be able to use it later.


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